Our Team Right at Home Sydney Central and Eastern Suburbs

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Lailani Claravall, Managing Director

“To improve the quality of life of those we serve.”

“When I first read Right at Home’s Mission I felt this was the right kind of business I want to get involved in,” said Lanie Claravall, Managing Director, Right at Home Sydney Central and Eastern Suburbs.

“Why because I believe that the purpose of any business is to transform the quality of life for its clients and engender a value system. One must serve their clients in a totally unique and special way and consistently give them what they want and need.

At Right at Home Sydney Central and Eastern Suburbs, we have a carefully selected team of care professionals who will provide you with the personal care and attention of a friend, provide you with the care that you need when you need it based on a professional care plan and provide you with the best possible experience and peace of mind.

Our vision is to be the Australian leader in quality care.”

Lanie is a wife and mother of 4 beautiful and happy children. She has a degree in Accountancy, a Certified Public Accountant and for a time was the Head Accountant for a multinational manufacturing firm.


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Paolo Claravall, Marketing Officer


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Kyle Claravall, Administration Officer