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Are you or your partner or both:

  • Looking for something new and exciting?
  • Wanting to do something together?
  • Concerned about building a long-term, sustainable capital base?
  • Hoping to do something fulfilling while supporting your own community?
  • Passionate about making a meaningful positive difference in people's lives?

If any of these questions resonate with you - enquire about a Right at Home Home Care Franchise.

Why would you purchase a home care franchise?

Home care is a fantastic business because:

  • The market is guaranteed to grow for the next 20 years
  • The home care industry is insulated from the overall economic environment
  • The services are diverse covering domestic support, personal care, skilled nursing, and allied health services
  • The entry costs and overheads are very low compared with most businesses
  • The home care business is easy to understand
  • You will be able to go home every night knowing you have had a positive impact on someone's life
  • You can run the business for years, pass it on to your family or sell it
  • Because the business has such a long growth horizon you will build a very valuable asset
  • Most of all, you can involve your partner and your family in the business

If any of these features resonate with you -enquire about a Right at Home Home Care Franchise.

The foundation of becoming a successful Right at Home franchise owner is a deep passion for looking after people and a commitment to provide high-quality care. 

Are you a nurse or an allied health professional?

Have you thought about running your own Home Health Care Business?

The home care industry suits health care professionals because:

  • You can use your skills and experience to assist people in your community
  • You have the training and skills to make a huge difference in the lives of people in your care
  • You will be able to go home every night knowing you have had a positive impact on someone's life
  • You will be able to provide employment opportunities for like-minded workers
  • You can develop the business to provide truly excellent care at a very high standard of service

If any of these features resonate with you - look into a Right at Home Home Care Franchise.

Give Families Peace of Mind that their Loved One Is Happy, Content and Safe while being Looked After by Someone They Can Trust

Right at Home provides professional nursing and in-home care to the elderly, injured or in need of hospital rehabilitation and those living with a disability which enhances their quality of life.

Customised Care Plans and Expert Carers Matched to your Client's Individual Needs

Your clients have unique needs that require a specific care plan. Right at Home don't take a one-size-fits-all approach. Right at Home listen carefully to clients and their families to have a clear understanding of the care that is needed and what will fit their budget.

Your clients will have peace of mind because you will carefully select and match the carer who will look after your client. Not only are your care workers police checked and professionally qualified, but they are also matched based on background and mutual interests. Your clients will enjoy the benefit of the same carer or team of carers. This means your clients will enjoy the whole care experience that you provide.


Minimise The Risk Of Falls, Poor Nutritian and Mental Health Issues Caused By Loneliness

While clients and families do not like to think about it, a fall is a real danger that could put their loved one in hospital. After a fall, a person can find it difficult to cook and do the shopping, they may not be getting the nutrition that they need to stay healthy.  In-home elderly assistance can minimise these risks.

As a Right at Home owner, you can help manage their medication and eliminate feelings of isolation which leads to mental health issues.  With Right at Home you can improve the quality of life and keep your client safe.


6 Steps to Starting Your Own Home Care Business

1. Complete our enquiry form at the bottom of this page 

Your journey begins here - simply enter your details at the bottom of this page and our friendly team will contact you to organise your 30-minute initial discussion.  We will send you an information pack!

2. Complete the personal profile we will send you

After we have thoroughly discussed your situation, we will send you a personal profile so that you can tell us more about you and your motivations.

3. Begin the market research process

Once we have assesses your personal profile we will send you some guidelines to help you research the home care industry and the existing operators in your area.  This is important as you need to develop a deep understanding of the industry and how Right at Home operates before you can make a decision.

4. Sit through our detailed slide presentation

Once you have begun your research we will send you maps and demographic information on your chosen territory.  We will also set up a time to take you through detailed slides on our business opportunity on an online call. This will give you an opportunity to ask heaps of questions.

5. Ask for disclosure and contractual information

Once you have assimilated the information we have given you, you would ask us to make a disclosure. This is where we send you a detailed document of our franchise and what our contracts look like. This allows you to take legal and financial advice.

6. Visit us in Brisbane on our Discovery Day

Once you have taken advice and you have a full understanding of our opportunity you will be invited to visit us at our Corporate Office in Brisbane.  You will meet our team, have dinner with our directors, meet our franchise owners and have the opportunity to clarify your understanding of all aspects of our business. If that goes well we will offer you a franchise! 

Why would you choose Right at Home above other opportunities in the Home Care Industry?

  • Right at Home offers the largest territories giving you the best possible business potential.
  • We offer the longest franchise agreement period - effectively 20 years - this provides security of tenure and maximises the future value of your business.
  • We offer you the opportunity to deliver government-funded home care from the 1st day you open for business.
  • We offer industry-leading support and systems to make running your business as easy as possible.
  • We offer you a network of highly motivated and committed franchise owners who are all there to support you and make your experience with us the best it can be.
  • We offer two weeks of training plus an extra week when you open.  This is highly comprehensive training covering all aspects of our business - sales, operations, care management, recruitment, accounting and reporting, marketing and promotion.
  • We offer our franchise owners 24-hour phone support should you need help or get stuck on something.
  • We provide a comprehensive set of policies and procedures including all the guidelines, forms and contracts that you need to run a top-class operation.
  • We take care of all internet and social media marketing making sure that all leads in your territory are picked up for you.


What are we looking for in our Franchise Owners?

  1. Attitude - a deep-seated drive to look after people in your territory
  2. Attitude - an understanding of what outstanding customer service means and the drive to provide clients with a truly excellent experience
  3. Attitude - a team player, supporting your clients, families, other franchise owners, us at corporate office
  4. Attitude - a commitment to supporting your care staff, showing them respect, support, understanding, and appreciation for the fantastic work that they do.
  5. Attitude - an unshakeable belief in the Right at Home core values of Approachability, Accountability, Authenticity, Collaboration, and Integrity.

If you would like to find out more, please complete the enquiry form below. 


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