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Karen Langtree



I have worked in the community sector for 30 years and have seen too many gaps with service provision being provided to our Aged and Disabled. I am passionate about providing a quality service. I have an ageing parent; my father needed support in the home as his health had deteriorated my Mother needed support as well, both lived so far away, their GP assume all is okay.

I have heard so many similar stories from friends and work colleagues. These stories and my past and present staff have been the driving force for me to want to operate my own business.

I have constantly seen gaps in service provision for the Aged and Disabled. I explored what was available and completed research including phoning a friend in regard to commencing my own business. My friend had purchased a Right at home franchise. I researched Right at Home their Mission and Vison statements fitted perfectly with my professional morals and work ethics. The ethos of this company was what I had been searching for.

Delivering a quality services to assist those most vulnerable in my community, so they can have the ability to choose a provider whose direction is not of greed like that of the larger services or the attitude of it do? I will ensure we provide that extra 1% above the 100% quality service taking note of adding those smaller details.

What will set my business apart from others is; I know my community, I am a local, I care, and I am passionate about good quality service provision. Treating my staff with respect, that then flows on to service delivery we provide our clients. Providing that extra percentage of care that will make our clients not only want to stay with my business but will want to boast to their friends how good their services are. Having a handpicked team with similar ethical and moral values, wanting to work with me in my business because they know they can make a difference.

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