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At Northern Beaches Right at Home, our in-home care services allow people to enjoy comfort with respect and dignity as if being cared for by a family member or close friend. Our carers are personal, down to earth people with proven experience working with people in a range of unique situations, whether elderly, recovering from a hospital stay, needing simple help around the house or garden, or requiring more hands on assistance with special needs.


If you require home care or are exploring your Government Support Home Care Package options, we encourage you to give us a call to learn why your local Right at Home carer might be your best fit.


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Home Care Specialties

Government funded home care packages

The Australian Government offers funding to individuals wishing to stay at home and receive home care. If you already have received your funding, Right at Home are able to provide care for all included requirements. Please contact us to talk about how we can organise home care that best suits your situation.

If you are yet to receive your package or an assessment, Right at Home can assist you to find the most suitable support you need during this process at no extra cost to you.


Personal care – Cleaning, Bathing and Bathroom assistance

Assistance with personal hygiene, cleaning or using the facilities is often the most common kind of help our caregivers provide on a day to day basis. Our carers are highly trained in removing any risk of injury or discomfort during these important tasks and will make sure to carry these tasks out with ease.


Around the Home - Laundry, Gardening, Pet care, Meal Preparation

When it becomes difficult to carry out demanding tasks around the home, our carers are able to help in addition to any other care given. Our carers recognise that you have or previously had a way of doing things, and will try to accommodate all your needs as much as possible.


Nursing Assistance and Medication Support

Our caregivers can monitor any medication requirements, even on a 24 hour cycle if required. We are able to liaise with any other medical staff or doctors to ensure needs are met and that all medicines are taken in the correct dosage and timelines. We are also able to communicate and liaise with any nursing staff who may be checking in on or otherwise also assisting with a client’s care.


Dementia / Alzheimer’s support

Caring for someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s is a very demanding and constant task. Right at Home are here to alleviate the stressors that come with this demand and have a lot of experience in making sure individuals are well cared for and can enjoy a social, warm environment.


End-of-life care / Palliative care

Many Australians, elderly or otherwise, choose to spend their end-of-life period at home. We support this choice and put our energy into making sure it is time spent in dignity and comfort.  Our careres recognise can often come with a range of medical, physical, and emotional demands that Right at Home carers are equipped to manage at a day to day or 24 hour level if required.


Disability care

Maneuverability and travel, personal hygiene, social time, daily activities... A disabled person’s day is filled with different ways of doing things, and all disabilities are unique. Our experiences have led us to quickly adapt to each person’s requirements and we believe in enhancing the quality of how a disabled person spends their time to create enjoyable experiences and possibilities.


Respite services

Caring for someone who needs frequent assistance can be physically or emotionally demanding. Right at Home are able to help give you or another carer some time to relax or holiday with respite care, covering all individual needs.


Live in / 24 hour care

Many in-home care needs require one or more carers to be by the client’s side at all times, either after an injury or permanently. We have many fully qualified carers on hand and are able to meet these needs. Initially, we will discuss the client’s requirements in detail to understand all physical limitations and medical needs to piece together our in-home care plan and schedule that best suits your unique situation.


Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT assessments)

Before receiving funding for home care, an appointed ACAT assessor will visit your home and assess your level of need required. Learn more about the home care packages process.



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