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Working for Us

We at Right at Home understand the importance of our relationship with our employees; management, administration and care staff alike.  We do this in a number of practical and tangible ways - driven by our Values and our Behaviour.

Providing quality care requires a very high level of teamwork between Care Management, Carers and Administration.  Responding to the changing needs of our clients requires flexible but robust systems that leave nothing to chance - only this will - Improve the quality of life for those we serve

All our owners and employees are asked to subscribe to a set of Values for Ethical Behaviour.  We are deeply committed in these values - they drive the daily operation of our company.

  1. Ensuring all staff feel they are a valued and important contributor to the team (Everyone Matters!)
  2. Promoting and commiting to a continuous journey of personal growth of all staff and clients (Life Long Learning)
  3. Creating an environment of ensuring laughter and purpose for both clients and staff (Positive Energy, Fun and Excitement!)
  4. Striving to always do the best we can (Service Excellence)
  5. Thinking outside the square to inspire new ideas (Innovative Thinking)
  6. Embrace change; meet challenges with courage and fortitude (Be Fearless, Be Brave)
  7. Committing and accountability to the professional and ethical standards of behaviour, individually and within the team (Absolute Integrity)
  8. Undertake projects as requested (Yes, we can!)

Would you like to join Right at Home?

If you join Right at Home as a manager, administrator or a member of the care staff, we can assure you of an exciting stimulating career where your own personal commitment to providing excellent care to those that need it most will be met.