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Home Aged Care Bankstown

Does a parent or grandparent in your family need a little bit of extra care and attention?  Is a retirement home just not an option for your family?  Right at Home is the right solution for you.

The Best Aged Care in Bankstown

We offer home care in Bankstown and can provide you with a caregiver to assist your parent or grandparent in his or her own home.  Our business specialises in home care services and has a large database of skillful and trustworthy caregivers that will be more than happy to assist in any way they can.

We can offer a wide range of home care packages and can assist with a huge variety of day to day tasks while allowing our clients to customise their packages according to their exact need.

Customise Your Home Care Package the Way You Need

Every individual is different and has different needs at different stages of their lives.  At Right at Home, we realise just how different people are and how much people appreciate their independence. And that is exactly why we allow you to customise your home care packages according to your need. Here are a few different ways you can customise your home care package in order to suit the need of a parent, grandparent or loved one;

Choose the specialised care you need - We offer a wide variety of caregivers to choose from.  Our caregivers are of different skill levels.  We offer assistants for basic tasks such as domestic duties or hygiene care assistance and also have speciality assistants such as registered nurses to offer medical care.

Choose the frequency of visits you need - Some seniors only need weekly assistance with certain tasks such as cleaning or shopping, others need help only a few hours of each and every day for daily tasks such grooming, dressing, and cooking. And some seniors require full-time care.  At Right at Home, we have care packages to suit all aged individuals.

Get all the help you need - Our caregivers are happy to help with a number of tasks.  These tasks can be something simple like shopping trips, transportation or house cleaning or can even extend to full care, which can include everything from hygiene care to cognitive stimulation.

Benefits of Getting Home Aged Care in Bankstown City

Home care offers lots of great benefits that no hospital, care home, senior home or aged care facility can ever give.  Here are the top benefits of choosing this form of care over other solutions;

  • Seniors feel much more comfortable because they can continue living in their own homes
  • Family members are still as close by as ever before which keeps seniors from feeling abandoned
  • Aged individuals enjoy a lot of individuality since they are still able to do all the things they love thanks to superb extra help
  • Alzheimer’s patients don’t feel as traumatized due to a strange environment
  • Seniors can enjoy specialised nurse care from the comfort of their home
  • Unlike most senior homes, our caregivers are there to support seniors on an emotional and intellectual level
  • Caregivers can be employed for as long as seniors need them. This is especially a good solution for those that only require post-operative or post-illness care

If you want to give someone in Bankstown the best possible care, then we welcome you to give us a call right now so we can discuss your needs and create a tailor-made care service program just for you.

Right at Home provides home care packages and support services including disability & elderly care as well as transitional home care services. Our locations cover Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Wagga Wagga, Townsville, Toowoomba, Penrith, Cairns and many more!