An energetic new business owner, Tecla Mururi, opened her doors to the first Right at Home Australia franchise in New South Wales today. Located in the Padstow St George area, the business is set to serve the South West suburbs of greater Sydney and the Sutherland Shire. The office was officially opened today by Tecla, her husband Andrew and Daryl Sahli Managing Director Right at Home Australia. In attendance were local media, local councilors, politicians, health industry colleagues and supporters, Karen Sahli Administration Manager Right at Home Australia and Peter Evans Chairman Right at Home Australia.

The demographic changes in Australia highlight the economic challenges of an aging population. The number of Australians aged 65 and over is expected to increase rapidly, from around 2.5 million in 2002 to 6.2 million in 2042. Selling up and moving to an aged care facility is no longer as affordable an option as it used to be. Aged care facilities are going to be stretched due to high demand and a dwindling supply of resources. In-home care provides a safe and viable alternative for the future.

Right At Home Padstow St George is tackling this challenge head-on and is prepared to serve the local community with a wide range of in-home services. "I chose to go into the Home Care business because I believe in providing care to people while they are in their own homes. That's where they grew up, that's where they live, that's where their lives are. I believe it is the right thing to do" says new owner Tecla Mururi. Not all providers provide the full continuum of care which can be limited to either specialised nursing care or simply companion care. Right at Home Padstow St George will be offering the full continuum and 3 broad categories of care:

  1. Companion Care
  2. Personal Care
  3. Skilled (Nursing Care)

"I believe we will stand out from our competitors because we are able to provide skilled nursing which integrates with our other types of care and delivers a holistic approach for our clients," said owner Tecla Mururi.

Right at Home Padstow St George will also be leveraging the many years of nursing experience of owner Tecla and will uniquely offer a client centred approach matching carers to clients and ensuring continuity of carers for clients. Care will be flexible in its delivery with carers delivering their service around times convenient for the client.

These features of Right at Home Padstow St George will be welcomed by the local community. Tecla's mission is to improve the quality of life for those they serve in the Padstow St George, Sutherland Shire community, supported by an outcome-driven, measurable, care planning process that includes all aspects of a client's wellbeing, including the vital socialisation aspects that support good mental health. They will focus on the individual, to improve the quality of their recovery and or their life and provide support and peace of mind for their family.

Founded in 1995 in Nebraska USA and launched in Australia in 2014, Right at Home offers in-home companionship and personal care, nursing, and assistance to seniors and disabled adults who want to continue to live independently. Local Right at Home offices are the experts in Home Care and are independently owned and operated and directly employ and supervise all caregiving staff, each of whom is thoroughly screened, trained and insured prior to entering a client's home.

Right at Home Padstow St George will be offering services to the local community in any setting of the family home, an independent living retirement community, an assisted living community or a nursing home. Their services will be provided to disabled adults, to people recovering from accidents, illness or major surgery such as knee and hip replacements and to help transition patients from a hospital setting back to their homes. It is proven that people recover far more quickly at home than they do in a hospital environment and in-home care facilitates this.

For media inquiries please contact:

Karen Sahli Right at Home Australia

Ph: 1300 363 802

Email: karen.s@rightathome.com.au

Or Tecla Mururi Right at Home Padstow, St George

Email: care.psg@rightathome.com.au

Website: www.rightathome.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rightathomepadstowstgeorge/

Right at Home COVID-19 Update


Right at Home COVID-19 Response

As Australia's leading provider of quality home care, Right at Home's response to COVID-19, is to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our caregivers, clients and community.

Right at Home continues to monitor and follow guidelines set by the Federal Department of Health, the World Health Organisation and local and state health agencies in the delivery of home care during the Coronavirus crisis.

We have put stringent COVID-19 health and safety measures in place to help protect our staff and clients. Right at Home is in constant communication with health authorities and performs regular check-ins with staff to ensure that they are aware of the latest policies and requirements to maintain the health of our clients and safety for themselves.


Delivery of COVID-19 service protocols

Our clients are receiving care based on the strict application of infection-control practices recommended by Australian health authorities and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Tele-Health Care Services

The Department of Health has mandated meausures that require home care providers to carry out frequent tele-health care assessment checks of carers and clients in relation to COVID-19.

Heightened Hygiene Procedures

Our staff, carers and clients have been informed of hygiene requirements provided by the Department of Health.

Infection Control

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, our carers have agreed to the Department of Health's recommended infection control procedures.

Social Distancing

Carers have completed a social distancing procedure training certificate as outlined by the Australian Government.


Mandated self-isolation procedures are in place for our staff or their relatives who have travelled, if they have come into contact with anyone confirmed with COVID-19.


Right at Home will abide by government mandated reporting procedures.


Continuity of Service

We acknowledge that this is an anxious time. We at Right at Home have the capability and capacity to offer assistance in your home and our carers and staff will continue to support our cients in every way possible to ensure continuity of home care and assistance.

If you have any questions or wish to arrange care and assistance please contact your Right at Home Office.

We are available to deliver services 24/7 and to take your calls. 


Keeping up to date with COVID-19 information

We have provided links to external sources to assist our clients, careworkers, franchise owners and the community to assimilate the COVID-19 information that is available. As the situation changes daily, the Federal and State Government websites are the best source of information. Click on their links below:

Australian Government Department of Health

Victorian Health and Human Services

NSW Health

Queensland Health

ACT Health

WA Department of Health

Tasmanian Department of Health

Northern Territory Department of Health

SA Health


Download the Coronavirus Australia app



How to stay positive during COVID and reduce anxiety



Keep up to date with the COVID-19 information we publish on our blog



Its Teal Ribbon Day this week which is Ovarian Cancer Australia’s biggest awareness week to raise money and knowledge about Ovarian Cancer in Australia.

How Does a Home Care Provider Assist a Client with Ovarian Cancer?

As Australia’s trusted and respected home care provider, we support and care for clients who are recovering from surgery which is known as post-operative support or we provide care for clients going through treatment for cancers. We provide transitional care and support in the form of transportation to and from treatment and appointments, cooking of meals and shopping, assisting with grooming and medication reminders all the way through to the provision of specialised nursing care at home.

As a homecare provider, we are proud to share information in support of Teal Ribbon Day but first let’s inform our readers on Ovarian Cancer.

What is Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer in Australia and about 1580 Australian women are diagnosed with the cancer each year. It is a cancer where a tumour starts growing in one or both ovaries.

Who Gets Ovarian Cancer?

The average age of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer is age 64 but it occurs in women mainly over the age of 50. It can be diagnosed in younger women. More information on diagnosing Ovarian Cancer and information on self-care, wellbeing and other support can be found on the Ovarian Cancer Australia website

What are the Symptoms?

  • Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating
  • Abdominal or pelvic (lower tummy) pain
  • Feeling full after eating a small amount
  • Needing to urinate often or urgently
  • Additional Symptoms
  • Changes in bowel habits
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Lower back pain
  • Indigestion or nausea
  • Bleeding after menopause or in-between periods
  • Pain during sex or bleeding after 

Teal Ribbon Day 2020 #Ovary-Action

February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in Australia which is held each year to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, to share the stories of women affected by the disease, to highlight the risk factors for ovarian cancer and educate Australians on ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment. This year Teal Ribbon Day (26th February) is promoting the theme of #Ovary-Act rather than not act.

Ovarian Cancer Australia encourages Australians to act during Awareness Month (and beyond) by talking to your friends and family to ensure they know about ovarian cancer, asking your GP about your ovarian cancer risk, buying a $3 teal ribbon from their website, donating, hosting a Paint the Town Teal event and downloading information kits of their website. So go ahead, spread the word, fundraise and help raise money and awareness for a great cause!

Caring for Loved Ones at Home

As a home care provider Right at Home Australia provides the support and homecare and assistance needed for people suffering with cancer to remain together with their loved ones at home through their treatment or recovery. Our care services fall into several categories of home care for seniors, adults living with a disability and post-operative care including services for those with special care situations caused by complex medical conditions. Right at Home is a 'My Aged Care' government approved, home care provider for levels 1 – 4 and have a comprehensive portfolio of care services that ensure your loved ones get the care they need.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog, please share it with you family and friends by clicking on the social media buttons at the bottom of this post.


Founded in 1995, Right at Home offers in-home companionship and personal care, and assistance to seniors and adults living with a disability who want to continue to live independently or age in their home. Right at Home is your local expert for issues related to caring for your loved ones and is dedicated to keeping you informed about home care. With no admin or subscription fees Right at Home allows you to get more care from your package or budget.

Right at Home is a 'My Aged Care' government approved, home care provider for levels 1 – 4 and offers flexible in-home care services such as nursing care, after hospital care, post-operative care, respite care, dementia and Alzheimer's care. Right at Home also offers assistance with daily living such as grooming, hygiene, transport, shopping, meal prep, domestic services and social support, so your loved one can enjoy a more independent, vibrant life. Our nurses and caregivers are screened, highly trained and insured prior to entering your home so you can trust us with the caregiving while you focus on your loved one.

To find out more, please give us a call on 1300 363 802 or visit our website.

According to the National Australia Day Council (NADC), “Australia Day, 26 January, is the day to reflect on what it means to be Australian, to celebrate contemporary Australia and to acknowledge our history”.

By Beth Lueders


The ancient Greeks and Romans regularly practiced something many people are avid about today. Centuries ago, emperors to everyday citizens valued the healing remedy of steam baths and hot water pools featured in elaborate private and public baths. Today, Iceland, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom boast some of the most restorative thermal pools and natural hot springs on the planet.1 A new research field — passive heating for human health — proves that hot baths even at home are a medicinal benefit to all ages, including elders with a number of health conditions.

5 Benefits of Hot Baths

Soaking in a bubble bath is a luxurious routine for many folks looking for stress relief and their own quiet, personal time. But beyond this tranquility, researchers are finding that an extended sit in a hot bath, technically called hot water immersion, delivers up a tub full of health advantages.

  1. Reduces inflammation. With exercise and physical stress, inflammation naturally increases in the body, which is followed by an extended release of anti-inflammatory chemicals to combat the sore muscles, redness and swelling. In recent years, studies have pinpointed that raising body temperature can improve the body’s anti-inflammatory response, as well. A British study in the Journal of Applied Physiology concluded that sitting in an immersion bath set at 39°C (102°F) for one hour could combat chronic low-grade inflammation in individuals without the physical capacity to do so during exercise.
  1. Lowers blood sugar. Scientists at England’s Loughborough University analyzed blood sugar levels of men after they soaked in a hot bath for an hour. The result? Peak blood sugar after eating was lower when participants took a hot bath than when they exercised. Plus, bathing burned calories almost as effectively as taking a half-hour walk.
  1. Lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. The British study on baths for reducing inflammation and a 2016 study by University of Oregon physiology researchers found that a hot soak elevates nitric oxide in the blood, allowing blood vessels to relax. Flexible blood vessels decrease blood pressure and promote better circulation and vascular function throughout the body.
  1. Soothes aching muscles and joints. Drawing a hot bath or luxuriating in a sauna or natural hot spring is easy on tense muscles and aching joints. As the British and U.S. studies show, passive heat therapy diminishes inflammation and sends blood flowing through the body more readily — which acts as a natural healing balm to stiff, painful muscles and joints.
  1. Improves skin health. Dermatologists have long touted the healing effects of bathtub mini-spas. Adding colloidal oatmeal to a warm bath can cleanse, soothe and protect dry, irritated skin. Eczema, a skin condition, can be treated with a bleach bath. Adding lavender essential oil to a warm bath can help heal skin and reduce anxiety and rose essential oil in a warm bath can aid in reducing pain and stress. Remember to always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil, such as coconut, before adding to water.

Hot baths and Epsom salt baths are also credited with reducing headaches, lifting mood and promoting better sleep. Balneotherapy, the practice of bathing to treat diseases with thermal mineral water, is another common healing hydrotherapy typically for chronic inflammation.2 Overly hot soaks can irritate the skin and break down the skin’s protective barrier against bacteria, viruses and allergens, so bathwater temperature should stay comfortable, but not scalding.

Bath Safety Tips for Elders

Because they are at higher risk for falling, older adults benefit from reminders of how to stay comfortable and safe at bath time. The World Health Organization reports that every year roughly one-third of adults age 65 and older fall, and slippery floors, looser rugs and insufficient lighting in the bathroom increase the likelihood of falling.3

When family members cannot supervise bath times for older loved ones and those with disabilities, in-home caregivers such as those that we at Right at Home can provide, provide assistance so that loved ones can enjoy a hot bath safely. The Fall Prevention Guide created by Right at Home offers the following bathroom safety tips:

  • Add grab bars with color contrast inside the bathtub and near the toilet.
  • Use nonslip mats, decals and strips in the bathtub and on the shower floor.
  • Replace slippery rugs with nonslip rugs or add double-sided tape to keep rugs secure.
  • Keep towels and other trip hazards off the bathroom floor.
  • Be sure the bathroom and surrounding hallways have bright lighting.

While hot baths are beneficial overall, it is important to note that soaking in a hot water bath raises a person’s heart rate. For those individuals with cardiovascular concerns, it is best to check with one’s doctor first about using a hot soak for lowering blood pressure and alleviating other ailments.


1 Matador Network. 10 Countries Where You Can Enjoy Hot Springs. Retrieved from https://matadornetwork.com/trips/10-countries-where-you-can-enjoy-hot-springs/.

2 Ouspan.com, Balneology and Balneotherapy — Soaking for Health. Retrieved from https://ouspan.com/balneology

3 World Health Organization. WHO Global Report on Falls Prevention in Older Age. Retrieved from https://www.who.int/ageing/publications/Falls_prevention7March.pdf?ua=1.


Founded in 1995, Right at Home offers in-home companionship and personal care, and assistance to seniors and adults living with a disability who want to continue to live independently or age in their home. Right at Home is your local expert for issues related to caring for your loved ones, and is dedicated to keeping you informed about home care. With no admin or subscription fees Right at Home allows you to get more care from your package or budget.

Right at Home is a 'My Aged Care' government approved, home care provider for levels 1 – 4 and offers flexible in-home care services such as nursing care, after hospital care, post-operative care, respite care, dementia and Alzheimer's care. Right at Home also offers assistance with daily living such as grooming, hygiene, transport, shopping, meal prep, domestic services and social support, so your loved one can enjoy a more independent, vibrant life. Our nurses and caregivers are screened, highly trained and insured prior to entering your home so you can trust us with the caregiving while you focus on your loved one.

To find out more, please give us a call on 1300 363 802 or visit our website.

As the New Year approaches, we often make New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions can help us to improve in our personal lives and to help us have a good year. If you are ageing or care for an elderly person, here are some resolutions you can make to improve those areas of your life. 


During these festive and joyous seasons there are many traditions celebrated. Traditions vary from around the world and these seasons are a wonderful way to connect with loved ones and be around those who matter to you. The holiday season does not include just Christmas, instead it incorporates different festive celebrations from a range of different religions including Chanukah in Judaism, Diwali in Hindu culture, Kwanza in African American culture, Las Posadas in Hispanic culture and Chinese New Year in Chinese culture. These festivals are all celebrated worldwide and include some interesting traditions

December 3rd is International Day of People with Disability. It is a United Nations sanctioned day that is celebrated internationally. It aims to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate their achievements and contributions.

Right at Home is a leading home care provider with over 512 offices around the world. We have expanded into the Sunshine Coast and are now open and ready to serve the community! Right At Home provides in-home supportive care for older Australians, adults with disability, and people recovering from surgery, to help them continue living independently in their homes.

Are you or your partner or both:

  • Looking for something new and exciting?
  • Wanting to do something togethr?
  • Concerned about building a long-term, sustainable capital base?
  • Hoping to do something fulfilling while supporting your own community?
  • Passionate about making a meaningful positive difference in people's lives?

If any of these questions resonate with you - enquire about a Right at Home Home Care Franchise.

Why would you purchase a home care franchise?

Home care is a fantastic business because:

  • The market is guaranteed to grow for the next 20 years
  • The home care industry is insulated from the overall economic environment
  • The services are diverse covering domestic support, personal care, skilled nursing and allied health services
  • The entry costs and overheads are very low compared with most businesses
  • The home care business is easy to understand
  • You will be able to go home every night knowing you have had a positive impact on someone's life
  • You can run the business for years, pass it on to your family or sell it
  • Because the business has such a long growth horizon you will build a very valuable asset
  • Most of all, you can involve your partner and your family in the business

If any of these features resonate with you -enquire about a Right at Home Home Care Franchise.


The foundation of becoming a successful Right at Home franchise owner is a deep passion for looking after people and a commitment to provide high quality care.


Are you a nurse or an allied health professional?


Have you thought about running your own Home Health Care Business?


The home care industry suits health care professionals because:

  • You can use your skills and experience to assist people in your community
  • You have the training and skills to make a huge difference in the lives of people in your care
  • You will be able to go home every night knowing you have had a positive impact on someone's life
  • You will be able to provide employment opportunities for like-minded workers
  • You can develop the business to provide truly excellent care at a very high standard of service

If any of these features resonate with you - look into a Right at Home Home Care Franchise.


Give Families Peace of Mind that their Loved One Is Happy, Content and Safe while being Looked After by Someone They Can Trust

Right at Home provides professional nursing and in-home care to the elderly, injured or in need of hospital rehabilitation and those living with a disability which enhances their quality of life.


Customised Care Plans and Expert Carers Matched to your Client's Individual Needs

Your clients have unique needs which require a specific care plan.  Right at Home don't take a one-size-fils-all approach. Right at Home listen carefully to clients and their family to have a clear understanding of the care that is needed and what will fit their budget.

Your clients will have peace of mind because you will carefully select and match the carer who will look after your cient. Not only are your care workers police checked and professionally qualified, they are also matched based on background and mutual interests.  Your clients will enjoy the benefit of the same carer or team of carers. This means your clients will enjoy the whole care experience that you provide.


Minimise The Risk Of Falls, Poor Nutritian and Mental Health Issues Caused By Loneliness

While clients and families do not like to think about it, a fall is a real danger which could put their loved one in hospital. After a fall, a person can find it difficult to cook and do the shopping, they may not be getting the nutrition that they need to stay healthy.  In-home elderly assistance can minimise these risks.

As a Right at Home owner, you can help manage their medication and eliminate feelings of isolation which leads to mental health issues.  With Right at Home you can  improve the quality of life and keep your client safe.


6 Steps to Starting Your Own Home Care Business

1. Complete our enquiry form at the bottom of this page 

Your journey begins here - simply enter your details at the bottom of this page and our friendly team will contact you to organise your 30-minute initial discussion.  We will send you an information pack!

2. Complete the personal profile we will send you

After we have thoroughly discussed your situation, we will send you a personal profile so that you can tell us more about you and your motivations.

3. Begin the market research process

Once we have assesses your personal profile we will send you some guidelines to help you research the home care industry and the existing operators in your area.  This is important as you need to develop a deep understanding of the industry and how Right at Home operates before you can make a decision.

4. Sit through our detailed slide presentation

Once you have begun your research we will send you maps and demographic information on your chosen territory.  We will also set up a time to take you through detailed slides on our business opportunity on an online call. This will give you an opportunity to ask heaps of questions.

5. Ask for disclosure and contractual information

Once you have assimilated the information we have given you, you would ask us to make disclosure.  This is where we send you a detailed document of our franchise and what our contracts look like.  This allows you to take legal and financial advice.

6. Visit us in Brisbane on our Discovery Day

Once you have taken advice and you have a full understanding of our opportunity you will be invited to visit us at our Corporate Office in Brisbane.  You will meet our team, have dinner with our directors, meet our franchise owners and have the opportunity to clarify your understanding on all aspects of our business.  If that goes well we will offer you a franchise!


Why would you choose Right at Home above other opportunities in the Home Care Industry?

  • Right at Home offers the largest territories giving you the best possible business potential.
  • We offer the longest franchise agreement period - effectively 20 years - this provides security of tenure and maximises the future value of your business.
  • We offer you the opportunity to deliver government funded home care from the 1st day you open for business.
  • We offer industry leading support and systems to make running your business as easy as possible.
  • We offer you a network of highly motivated and committed franchise owners who are all there to support you and make your experience with us the best it can be.
  • We offer two weeks of training plus an extra week when you open.  This is highly comprehensive training covering all aspect of our business - sales, operations, care management, recruitment, accounting and reporting, marketing and promotion.
  • We offer our franchise owners 24 hour phone support should you need help or get stuck on something.
  • We provide a comprehensive set of policies and procedures incuding all the guidelines, forms and contracts that you need to run a top class operation.
  • We take care of all internet and social media marketing making sure that all leads in your territory are picked up for you.


What are we looking for in our Franchise Owners?

  1. Attitude - a deep seated drive to look after people in your territory
  2. Attitude - an understanding of what outstanding customer service means and the drive to provide clients with a truly excellent experience
  3. Attitude - a team player, supporting your clients, families, other franchise owners, us at corporate office
  4. Attitude - a commitment to supporting your care staff, showing them respect, support, understanding and appreciation for the fantastic work that they do.
  5. Attitude - an unshakeable belief in the Right at Home core values of Approachability, Accountability, Authenticity, Collaboration and Integrity.


If you would like to find out more, please complete the enquiry form below. 


Franchise Enquiry

If you wish to express an interest
please complete the form below. Don't delay!

Franchise Enquiry - Request for Information

Please let us know your name.
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Download Free Guide

adult caregiving sample

Transition & Residential Care in the Gold Coast

After a stay in a healthcare facility, many patients need a little extra help when they return home. This may be because they live alone or their partner is elderly, or simply because others living within the same home do not have the capacity to be able to provide the necessary care.

Choose Transition Care in the Gold Coast

If you are looking for care within the home for either yourself or a loved one, you have come to the right place. Right at Home offer bespoke transition care in the Gold Coast that helps you or your loved one while you recover from surgery, an accident or an illness.

Transition care from Right at Home

Transitional care is called such because it refers to the shifts in care providers. When a patient first has a medical issue, they will be seen by their GP, who may then refer them to a specialist, which could lead to care in a hospital. After receiving care in hospital, a patient will then be sent home to recover further when they are deemed ready. All these actions refer to transitional care.

When your elderly loved one has been discharged from a healthcare facility, there may still be care needs that they cannot cope with alone. However, choosing residential aged care in the Gold Coast is not your only option. Right at Home can offer care from the comfort of their own home.

Without the correct transition care in place at home, an elderly patient’s recovery can be compromised as they may forget or not understand when or how much medication to take, they may forget to go to follow-up appointments and they may struggle with the daily tasks of keeping a home.

At Right at Home, we can offer in-home support where we give reminders to take medication, help to keep their homes clean and tidy and provide transport and company to follow-up appointments, amongst many other services.

Many elderly people have spent a time making sacrifices and paying off their mortgage for their own home. To uproot them may cause more harm than good, which is why finding a company who can care for them within their own surroundings is often the best solution.

It can keep them connected to the community they have been living with and supported by. When patients are comfortable and in familiar surroundings, they are likely to recover a lot more quickly, as well as it being better for their mental health.

The best care in the Gold Coast        

Right at Home’s transitional care can help your loved one to make a good recovery. It can reduce the risk of being readmitted to hospital as preventative steps are taken to ensure the right recovery procedures are followed when at home.

With our clear communication, it can give you peace of mind that your loved one is not alone, and they are being cared for properly.

At Right at Home, we help patients to return to health and happiness. Call us today for more information or to set up an initial meeting.

Right at Home provides home care packages and support services including disability & elderly care as well as transitional home care services. Our locations cover Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Wagga Wagga, Townsville, Toowoomba, Penrith, Cairns and many more!

Transition & Residential Care in Perth

Sometimes we all need a little extra help in the home, and this is especially true when someone has just come out of hospital.

Transition Care in Perth

Recuperating at home after surgery, or any kind of hospital stay can make recovery easier and faster. At Right at Home, our transition care in Perth allows you or your loved one to be at home following surgery or illness.

Why choose transitional care?

Transitional care refers to the movements between different care providers; this could be care from a GP, care from a specialist, care in a hospital setting to returning home.

Being in your own community and home is a lot more comforting than being in a strange environment like a hospital ward. Hospitals are often busy places with lots of noises from machines and other equipment, not to mention the noise from other patients. At home, you can sleep peacefully in your own bed and get a lot more undisturbed rest than you might in a hospital. Rest is vital to a successful recovery as your body heals when it sleeps.

Choosing to have care in the home, rather than choosing residential care in Perth, also means that friends and family can visit at any time and they are not restricted to strict visiting times that hospitals often impose. This can help to combat the loneliness that many people may feel when they are in recovery as their mobility might be limited and they cannot do or go to places like they used to.

When you are discharged from hospital or a different healthcare facility, it does not necessarily mean you are completely better and able to take care of yourself without any help.With Right at Home, we design a custom care plan that ensures your needs, or the needs of your loved one is met fully. It can include, but is not limited to:

  • Giving reminders to take medicine
  • Doing the housework to ensure the home is kept clean and presentable
  • Keeping communication links with other medical staff and families

Right at Home can be especially helpful to those who live at home alone, or for those who have a partner who is more elderly. However, we can also provide support for those with family members who have full-time jobs or are simply busy. We offer a friendly, non-medical helping hand that aids recovery.

When transition is not dealt with effectively, it can cause the patient further harm and increases their risk of readmission to hospital. Our care aims to minimise that risk.

Reap the benefits of home care         

At Right at Home, our transition care in Perth means that you or your loved one will be able to recover quickly and restores them back to health.

Our bespoke approach offers a unique service that gets patients back on their feet as soon as possible, all within the comfort of their own home.

For more information, call our helpful team on 1300 363 802 where we will be happy to help you, answer any further questions and tell you more about our services.

Right at Home provides home care packages and support services including disability & elderly care as well as transitional home care services. Our locations cover Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Wagga Wagga, Townsville, Toowoomba, Penrith, Cairns and many more!

Home Care in Orange

At Right at Home, we understand that people need care for all sorts of reasons. That’s why we offer a bespoke service where you can be cared for, right in the comfort of your own home.

Personalised Home Care Packages in Orange

Being at home in your own familiar surroundings is generally much more comfortable and comforting than being in any other facility. Feeling at home, even when you or your loved family member is ageing or not feeling their best, could be the solution you are looking for.

Right at Home provide home care in Orange, allowing you, or those you love, to receive the best care.

What care is available through Right at Home Care?

Right at Home provide care for the elderly, those living with a disability and those who need transitional care.

For older people living in Orange, we can offer a Home Care package allowing your loved one to remain at home. Moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility can be challenging for an older person, especially when they have lived in their home for many years. Home care packages can be the perfect solution where they can still get the care that is required while remaining part of their community.

Home care packages with Right at Home go beyond what the state can provide and can include personal care, support services, nursing and allied health and clinical services. We help elderly people with their normal daily tasks, such as washing, dressing and meal preparation.

If required, we can also provide nursing care, which is often hard to find with many care providers. We can assist with medical needs, such as administering medication, catheter care and wound care, amongst many others.

However, we do not just focus on everyday tasks; we also recognise the importance of social interaction. Socialising is imperative for keeping minds stimulated, and it also has many other benefits like reducing loneliness and depression.

In addition, Right at Home provide support for adults living with a disability, allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own home.

We can also provide post-operative and transitional care, helping patients ease the transfer between a health facility and home, thus reducing the risk for rehospitalisation.

No matter why care is needed, we provide a custom care plan to ensure that you or your loved one is getting the right kind of care that meets their needs.

At Right at Home, we also consider the needs of families. We understand that it can be difficult seeing your loved one ageing or needing more support than they have previously, no matter what the cause is. We can offer you support for you as well as support for your loved one.

The best home care in Orange

Our bespoke care packages offer your loved ones the opportunity to remain in their own surroundings while still receiving the best care and allowing them to live their lives to the full.

Our empathy and care are second to none; with Right at Home, your care is in the best hands.

For more information, please call our team on 1300 363 802 where we will happily assist you.

Right at Home provides home care packages and support services including disability & elderly care as well as transitional home care services. Our locations cover Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Wagga Wagga, Townsville, Toowoomba, Penrith, Cairns and many more!

Elderly Home Care Help in Toowoomba

Most elderly people need help around the home if they live alone, and sometimes it becomes difficult for their loved ones to juggle their own lives whilst trying to provide the care that they need day in day out. That’s why it’s important to find a trained professional who can assist you and ensure that the quality of life for your loved one doesn’t decline.

Are you searching for home care for an elderly loved one?

Here at Right at Home, we offer care at home services designed to help the elderly and those who aren’t able to care for themselves. We offer these services across Australia, from Sydney to Toowoomba, from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. We know how important it is to know that the people you care about are being looked after by people who know what they’re doing, which is why we employ our rigorous testing procedure to ensure that every single member of our team is more than capable of delivering this service.

How do we help?

Every day, you will conduct activities in your daily life that you may not think twice about, such as going to the shops or washing the dishes. We don’t think twice about them because they cause us no physical problems most of the time, they are simply an errand that needs to be run. Unfortunately, for many of the elderly, these day to day tasks can become too difficult to face, making it difficult to live a comfortable life.

Our carers are trained and experienced in helping to alleviate the stresses that may be caused by not being able to complete these tasks. They are more than happy to assist an elderly person in completing these tasks, rather than taking over completely, allowing a sense of independence to be maintained. They’re also helpful in being another source of socialisation and interaction for these elderly individuals, who may not be able to leave their house and therefore would be missing out on socialising.

On top of this, we also have registered nurses who are able to provide assistance in the more complicated medical matters, working in conjunction with the patient’s doctor and/or hospital prescriptions.

What are ADLs?

We believe it is important for individuals and their family members to know exactly what kind of care will be provided, which is why we have defined a set of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) to help with this definition. We have defined our ADLs as the following:

  • Washing
  • Dressing
  • Meal preparation, taking dietary requirements into account
  • Functional mobility
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Toilet hygiene

Each carer is trained and experienced in delivering these services to a high standard, following the Custom Care Plan for their patient that would have been set in place following the first phone call. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to each individual customer, so why not give us a call today on 1300 363 802 to find out what we can do for you.

Right at Home provides home care packages and support services including disability & elderly care as well as transitional home care services. Our locations cover Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Wagga Wagga, Townsville, Toowoomba, Penrith, Cairns and many more!

Disability Care in Perth

Are you searching for disability care in Perth?

If you and/or a loved one has recently found out that they are suffering from a disability or illness, you may find yourself scrambling to adjust to your new lifestyle. With so many things to consider and organise in such a short space of time, you may have already discovered the potential benefits of hiring a professional carer to help with the day to day activities. If so, then you have made the right choice, and we at Right at Home are here to help ease the process of transitioning. We provide disability care to locations across Australia, including Perth, and our service is renowned for being reliable and helpful. 

Finding the right carer for your needs can be a challenging process, with so many different companies claiming that they know what you need. Here at Right at Home, we do things a bit differently. Instead of trying to tell you what it is you need, we let you tell us and work our service around you. We do so with four main stages to our process.

Our 4 Stages

The Initial Phone Call

As we know this will be a stressful time, we try and make it as easy as possible right from the word ‘go’. Our first stage consists simply of a conversation, a chance for you to give us a rundown of what it is that you need and for us to begin thinking about how we can help. We then arrange for an in-home visit at your earliest convenience to give us both a chance to meet each other and discuss your needs in more detail.

The Custom Care Plan

Just as you would expect to receive a prescription for a course of medication, we treat our caring services no differently. Our Custom Care Plan consists of a series of measurable goals that will allow us to track your progress over time. If your needs change at any point, this plan can be adjusted to suit those changes. Our Care Managers will meet with you and your prescribed nurse every six months to ensure we are doing our job in the way that we should be, and the information we keep on you or your loved one is readily available for you at any point during the care process.

Carer Matching

As soon as we have received your approval of the Care Plan that we propose, we begin finding the perfect carer for you. We match our carers to our clients on a number of qualities, including the personality and interests of both parties, as ensuring our customers benefit from the social interaction is just as important to us as their physical care. All of our carers have been extensively screened and tested, so you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is in safe hands.

Carer Supervision

Unlike some other companies, our involvement with the care process doesn’t stop once we have assigned a carer. Our Care Managers will regularly check on the progress of the Custom Care Plan with unplanned visits and feedback sessions with the family of the patient. In doing so, we ensure we maintain our customer service standards at all times.

For more information about how we work or to begin the process, give us a call today on 1300 363 802.

Right at Home provides home care packages and support services including disability & elderly care as well as transitional home care services. Our locations cover Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Wagga Wagga, Townsville, Toowoomba, Penrith, Cairns and many more!

Disability Care Gold Coast

Are you based on the Gold Coast and searching for a carer?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Right At Home, we have been offering our professional disability care services to customers on the Gold Coast and across Australia since our inception, and over that time have built up a wealth of healthy relationships with our patients. We offer a wide range of services, from respite care for carers who are in need of time to themselves to transitional care for those who may be moving back home after spending time in hospital. Whatever your needs may be, our qualified, experienced, and, most importantly, friendly team are here for you.

Seeking care for yourself

The first thing that should be noted is that taking the first step into seeking care for yourself is something that most people struggle to do, so the fact that you’re here reading this is something to be proud of. Hiring a carer can be seen as almost giving up, allowing your illness or disability to beat you, but this is not the case. There are a number of benefits to hiring a carer that you should be aware of:

  • They know what they’re doing. This may seem obvious when you say it, but it is definitely something that is worth bearing in mind. Perhaps you’re new to having to care for yourself? If you are, then there will be a host of new things that you will need in order to keep yourself healthy and happy, and these can be difficult to learn at times. Sure, you can Google it, but this can take time and be difficult. By choosing Right at Home for your care, it’ll give you some peace of mind to know that you’re in the hands of an experienced carer.
  • They can work around you. A carer can come to you for as long of a time or as short of a time as you need or want them. If you would only like them to be in your house for a few hours for the first month, that can be arranged. If you would like more contact time, no problem. It is important that you feel comfortable around them, and they will do everything they can to ensure you are.
  • You can socialise with them. Sometimes, when you begin to adjust to life with a disability, you can begin to lose touch with your friends and family members. Socialisation is important and essential to a person’s wellbeing and should not be something that is ignored.

Why should you choose us?

The answer is simple: because we know what we’re doing. We have been in this business for long enough to know the potential pitfalls of being a carer and how to avoid them. We have crafted our service to ensure that our customers receive the best care and remain comfortable during our service. One of the ways we do this is to bring our service to you in your home. Moving to a new property is a stressful time for anyone and is the last thing you want to be doing whilst adjusting to your new lifestyle, which is why we’re happy to visit your home when you need us.

If you are interested in working with us, give us a call today on 1300 363 802 or find us on social media. We look forward to hearing from you!

Right at Home provides home care packages and support services including disability & elderly care as well as transitional home care services. Our locations cover Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Wagga Wagga, Townsville, Toowoomba, Penrith, Cairns and many more!


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