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Steps to a Healthier Family

Ageing can be a challenge not only for those feeling the effects of their years but for their families as well. As a person begins to age, family members are often asked to help with everyday tasks that may have become difficult. Simple tasks like meal preparation, laundry and housekeeping are gradually joined by more robust tasks like personal hygiene assistance.

Right at Home understands that caregiving for a loved one can take its toll on spouses and other family members, often changing family dynamics. While heightened globalisation has allowed us to live across the country and overseas, it has also meant that more vulnerable family members can find themselves isolated and in need of support. This is where Right at Home can help. We provide home care services to far-flung family members, offering peace of mind to you and your loved ones. If you’d like to hear more about what we can do for you, contact us today.

Here are a few suggestions from us to you:

  1. Download a copy of our Home Safety Checklist. By going through these steps, you can significantly reduce any harm that may come to a family member as you decide on your approach to care.
  2. Download a copy of our Fall Prevention Guide.
  3. Download a copy of our Needs Assessment Worksheet. It will help you define your situation and the kinds of services your family may need.
  4. Arrange a family meeting to discuss your care options. Be sure to include the wishes of the loved one who needs care in the discussion. Use your answers from the Needs Assessment Worksheet as a guide.
  5. If there's a noticeable decline in thinking and reasoning in a loved one, schedule a doctor's appointment and ask the physician to test for cognitive function.
  6. If you decide on a care path, ask Right at Home for a Custom Care Plan specifically based on your loved one's physical needs, cognitive needs and goals.

Free Guides

For more information on getting the vital assistance your loved one needs, browse our range of Free Guides.