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How do I Pay for Home Care Services

Right at Home is a full service home care business. This means that we can provide services to families who have the means to pay themselves or families who qualify for support under the government-funded system (Consumer Directed Care). The quality and standard of your service is exactly the same whether you come to us as a private client or through the government system.

In many cases families are receiving government support for part of their care and they pay privately to top-up services to meet their needs.

One of our most important services is to help families navigate the health care and home care systems so as to get the best possible outcome. We understand how confusing it can be. Contact us for help.

There are many other financial options available to you in order to pay for ongoing care services:

  • Reverse mortgages - see Reverse Mortgages Explanation
  • Joint family member sponsorship
  • Superannuation savings
  • Family trust funds
  • Workers' compensation insurance
  • Government-subsidised home-and community-based services under the new Consumer Directed Care Model. Government support is at 4 levels from +-$7,000 a year to +-$48,000 a year.  At the higher levels of support there may be a waiting list for services maintained by the government.

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