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Staying at home with Right at Home

Home is the place many of us feel most comfortable, most relaxed. Home is full of familiar sights, smells, and sounds. Home is where many of us would like to stay well into the latter years of our lives. For many older Australians, the thought of moving into residential aged care or an assisted living facility is traumatic. At Right at Home, we understand these stresses, and we are here to help.

Right at Home provides nationwide aged care services to older Australians. We also support individuals and their families dealing with a range of conditions including Parkinson's, Dementia and Alzheimer's. Our select, highly trained care staff are equipped to provide some of the best in-home aged care services in the country. Right at Home offers companionship, personal, and skilled nursing care. In many cases, our clients require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), which is the term used to describe daily self-care activities within the home.

We define ADLs as follows:

  • Bathing and showering
  • Dressing
  • Meal preparation, assistance with dietary planning and dining
  • Functional mobility (moving from one place to another while performing activities)
  • Personal hygiene and grooming (including brushing/combing/styling hair)
  • Toilet hygiene

Socialising and relationships

While physical activity is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, social activities also play an important role. Socialisation for the elderly is just as important as it is for younger generations. When seniors socialise, they enrich their lives. We encourage our clients to partake in games, walking, volunteering, and reading. No matter how near or far our families live, everyone needs companionship. For the elderly, having someone to talk with, share a meal with, or pursue interests with, is vitally important, helping them to feel loved, supported and needed. We all need purpose. 

Planning home care for your loved one

Planning home care for a loved one can be emotional and may bring on unwanted stresses. There are smorgasbords of care companies offering multiple services, but which one is best for you and your loved one? We believe that it’s important to start looking early, do your research, and make those enquiries.

Contact the Right at Home team today

Right at Home offers a range of services to suit everyone, and no matter what your requirements are, we always do our best to see that they are fulfilled. We have plenty of information right here on our website but please, don’t hesitate to give us a call. If you would like more information about the aged care home support services we provide, get in touch with us today. Neither you nor your family is alone. Right at Home provides home care packages and support services including disability and elderly care. Contact us today to find out more about our home care services.

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