Our caregivers can provide services that help your love one stave off or delay further effects of aging, both physical and mental.  We can help foster wellness with services that include:

  • Light exercise program assistance

This may include helping our client with exercise instructions as given by physiotherapists or occupational therapists. We may take our clients to hydro-therapy or the local gym.

  • Meal planning

This would include the planning of meals from a dietary and nutrition standpoint as well as the actual preparation of meals. We can help with grocery shopping.

  • Medication reminders
  • Safety supervision
  • Cognitive stimulation

This includes any activity to help with mental stimulation, such as; Puzzles, Scrabble, Bridge, Cards,  and Reading.

Do you have a government funded care package?

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Did you know that from 27 February you can choose which company provides your government funded services?

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