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Find out if your elderly loved one is eligible for government-funded home care services in their own home in Newcastle

Claim your FREE 30-Minute Home Care Package Consultation to discover if you’re eligible for Government Funding. Plus, you’ll get a bonus Home Care Information Kit!

We provide services for elderly clients under government funded home care packages for levels 1 through to 4, for adults of any age with chronic illness or those living with a disability (NDIS) or transitioning from hospital to home via funded or private pay arrangements.

Right at Home is Australia’s leading in-home care provider delivering services from domestic support such as shopping, cooking, light cleaning, and transport through to social support at home or in the community, as well as personal care and nursing services in our clients’ homes.

We proudly support clients in Newcastle, New South Wales and throughout Australia.

500,000 Total Care Hours
Provided Per Annum

2,500 Clients
Across Australia

Approved Home
Care Provider

Very High Satisfaction Rate, Professional Trained Carers

Get peace of mind that your loved one is happy, content, and safe while being looked after by someone you can trust

Has your elderly parent or loved one recently had a fall? Are you worried something bad will happen to them when no-one is there to help? Or does your loved one simply need home care and assistance to help with their day to day lives? Then you’re in exactly the right place, and here’s why:

Right at Home is one of the very few homecare companies to receive high and very high satisfaction ratings. We are also one of the few home care companies to provide the full spectrum of care from professional nursing through to personal and companion care and in-home domestic assistance for the aged and elderly, in-home injury, or hospital rehabilitation (transitional care) and support for people living with a disability all of which enhance the quality of life for those people we serve.

We provide care and support to seniors in Newcastle through the government funded Home Care Package scheme (levels 1 - 4) as well as care for clients under private pay arrangements. We also provide support for those living with a disability through the NDIS scheme for self-managed and plan-managed participants from most of the Right at Home offices. Support is provided to agency-managed NDIS participants through select Right at Home offices that are Registered NDIS Providers.

Avoid nursing homes so your loved one can keep their dignity and independence

If your elderly parent or loved one is like most of our clients, they hate the idea of going to a nursing home. They’d much rather stay in the environment they’re comfortable in and remain independent, however they still need help – and you can’t always be there. That’s where our Newcastle at-home aged and elderly care service comes in.

We can design a customised care plan to meet your loved one’s specific needs. Whether they need some companionship, transport, help with cooking and cleaning the house, or full-time in-home nursing care – we have a team of experienced and professionally qualified staff who can assist.

Finally Get Clear Information So You Can Give
Your Loved One The Care They Deserve

Maximise your budget so your loved one gets the highest level of at-home care possible

Many people who need home care are eligible for government funding to assist them. However, the information and requirements can be difficult to understand at the best of times. Don’t worry though, we are experts in navigating the process and can provide help and advice for you to obtain the funding your loved one is entitled to.

No matter what level of home care assistance your loved one is eligible for, we help maximise the level of care received for your budget. Unlike other providers, we don’t charge entry fees, exit fees, admin fees or case management fees which means every government dollar goes towards caring for your loved one.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover together in your free consultation…

  • WARNING: 30% Of People Aged 65+ Fall At Least Once Per Year
    When your elderly parent has a fall at home – how long will they lay there waiting for someone to find them? Do something now before it’s too late!

  • How To Get Government Funding For Your Home Care Package
    We’ll simplify all the complex red-tape and show you exactly what you need to do to be assessed for funding – saving you thousands of dollars every year

  • Hidden Charges of Other Home Care Companies
    Unfortunately, some home care companies prioritise profits over caring for your loved one – we’ll reveal the extra fees that eat into your care budget

  • Tips to Maximise Your Budget And Get The Most Care
    We’ll develop a care plan to maximise your budget and get the highest level of care for your loved one and because we don’t charge home care package admin fees, you get more care hours in your budget!

  • What You Can Do To Reduce Your Parent’s Risk Of Injury At Home
    You can drastically improve the safety rating of your parents' home by removing risk factors and installing simple equipment to help them get around.

Finally Get Clear Information So You Can Give
Your Loved One The Care They Deserve

“The Staff Are Always Very Helpful and Cheerful Which Makes Me Feel Happy Because I Feel Down A Lot.”


Customised care plans and expert carers matched to your loved ones’ individual needs — contactable 24/7

Your elderly parent or loved one has unique needs which require a specific care plan. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We listen carefully to you and your loved one so we have a clear understanding of the care they need, when they need it and what will fit your budget.

You will also have peace of mind because we carefully select and match the carer (depending on availability), who will look after your parent or loved one. Not only are they police checked and professionally qualified, but they’re also matched based on background and mutual interests. Plus, unlike other providers – we endeavour to maintain the same carers and support workers for our clients, so your parent or loved one always has someone who they have been introduced to and who is familiar and who they like. This means they will enjoy the whole care experience.

You will have peace of mind knowing that the care is planned, supervised, reviewed, flexible and adjustable as needs change and that a care supervisor is contactable 24/7.

Minimise the risk of falls, poor nutrition and mental health issues caused by loneliness

While they don’t like to think about it, a fall is a real danger which could put your loved one in hospital. Plus, when they find it difficult to cook and do the shopping, they may not be getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy. In-home elderly assistance can minimise these risks.

We can also help manage their medication and eliminate feelings of isolation which leads to mental health issues. It’s the best way to keep your loved one safe and improve their quality of life – and it’s so affordable with government funding. Find out if you are eligible today!

Finally Get Clear Information So You Can Give
Your Loved One The Care They Deserve

5 steps to get home care for your loved one

Claim your free Newcastle ‘Home Care Package’ consultation

Your journey begins here – simply enter your details at the bottom of this page and our friendly team will contact you to organise your 30-minute consultation.

We'll listen carefully to your loved one’s care needs

After we’ve thoroughly discussed your situation, we’ll design a custom care plan which helps your parent or loved one with their requirements every day or week.

Find out if your loved one is eligible for government funding

We’ll also find out if your parent or loved one is eligible for aged home care package funding from the government and if they are, we’ll help you streamline your application.

Match your parent or loved one with suitable carers

After you’ve approved our service agreement, we’ll match (depending on availability) one of our expert carers with your loved one or parent based on their needs, background and interests.

Keep your loved one safe, happy, and healthy

Next, our care managers will do a ‘meet and greet’ with your parent or loved one, and our care worker before they commence their in-home care services. Our care workers are under direct supervision, so you always have peace of mind that your loved one is being looked after.

Finally Get Clear Information So You Can Give
Your Loved One The Care They Deserve

Hear what Right at Home clients are saying about our service
  • "I have been with Right at Home for over 12 months and during this time I have found them to be the most obliging, friendly and helpful staff to work with. To say I am happy with them would be an understatement. Please anybody that is thinking of changing providers come join the happy group and give Right at Home a call. My recommendation is they are GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!!"

    — Karen

  • "Both Ross and I are so very happy with the help we receive from Right at Home. I am very grateful for everything you all, at Right at Home, do for us. Each time I 'phone with a request it is dealt with very professionally and promptly. Everyone who comes to our home is very good, well trained and pleasant. I am so pleased I chose Right at Home. Thank you so much Geoff, Bronwyn and your wonderful team."


  • "Nothing is any trouble for Right at Home. All the staff we have had contact with have been more than happy to help us with what ever we need."


  • "The team are most helpful, empathetic and compassionate. Thank you!"


  • "They are very Caring and very very helpful. Their service is very efficient and their staff are excellent."


  • "An excellent and supportive company who go above and beyond to help their clients."


    Claim your free, 30-min,
    no-obligation, home care package consultation and discover if you’re eligible for funding

    If one of your parents or loved one has recently had a fall, or they have taken ill, you’re probably considering different home care options. However, it can be frustrating and difficult to understand the options and funding available.

    We’re offering free Home Care Package information sessions to help you navigate the world of home care solutions. Our Newcastle team listen carefully to you and your situation and provide personalised advice you can use to help you make the best decision for you and your loved ones.

    • Find out in under 5 minutes whether you are eligible for Government funding for a home care package, and if you’re not, what your next steps need to be

    • We’ll help you navigate the process of applying for government funding and can answer every single question you have!

    • Know the little-known secrets to get the most out of every cent of the funding you are entitled to

    • Did you know the average waitlist is 12-18 months for a home care package? Here’s what you MUST do while you are waiting

    • Worried about your loved one living at home alone? We’ll share our top tips that allow you to stay connected and informed as to your parent’s wellbeing. When you can’t be there, we provide you with peace of mind that they’re happy, safe, and independent

    Finally Get Clear Information So You Can Give
    Your Loved One The Care They Deserve


    All people that schedule a call will also get a free Home Care Information Kit containing:

    • Adult Caregiving Guide - Your loved one is having a hard time admitting that they need looking after, this is a sensitive situation for all involved. Discover how to respectfully look after your loved one without imposing on their privacy, independence, or pride.

    • Fall Prevention Guide - The Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing says the number one reason for hospitalisation for people over 65 is falls around the home. Discover the easy way to implement preventative measures and make sure this doesn’t happen to your loved one.

    • Home Safety Checklist - The must-read guide you need to make sure everything in your loved one’s home is tip top safe - it’s the smallest things that are overlooked and can have the highest risk of injury!

    • Needs Assessment Worksheet - Fast track your loved one’s home care package process with this worksheet. Easily identify exactly what you need to make your loved one’s living arrangement suitable, and potentially save months off your waiting time.

    • Dementia and Cognitive Change Guide - Whether or not your loved ones are dealing with dementia, cognitive change is a natural process. Understanding this will help with both prevention and management so that they can continue life on their terms.

    Enter your details below now and a friendly member of one of our Right at Home Newcastle offices will contact you within 24hrs to confirm your consultation time.

    Finally Get Clear Information So You Can Give
    Your Loved One The Care They Deserve

    Claim your free, 30-min,
    no-obligation, home care package consultation and discover if you’re eligible for funding

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