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Christmas Gift Ideas - Smart Gadgets for Savvy Seniors

| Senior Care Technology

From amplified telephones and listening systems for televisions, to devices for fall detection and remote monitoring, the technology industry is responding to a growing demand for products specifically designed for today's ageing population.

According to the Ageing Technology Alliance (AgeTek), the ageing population is a market representing more than $2.5 trillion in annual spending power. 

"Innovative gadgets and modern technology can mean that you don't have to struggle so hard in order to get by," a recent Smart Senior blogger observed. The author cited several low-tech gadgets to make daily tasks easier, including soft-handled or large-grip cooking and eating utensils, swivel cushions that make getting in and out of a car easier, and an assistive device that eliminates the need to bend over when putting on socks.

High-tech assistive technology for ageing adults is "nearing science fiction territory," an article in SmartMoney magazine reported. Examples cited in the article included shoes that help you keep your balance, a scanner that "reads" text aloud, and a voice-activated wheelchair that knows its way around your home. Also mentioned were wearable devices that can automatically detect falls and send Web alerts to loved ones, as well as ones that can relay heart-rate and body-temperature changes, and motion and floor-vibration sensors that can detect if you fall, walk abnormally or can't get out of bed.

If you're interested in following the latest technology available for ageing adults, check out the Ageing Technology Alliance (AgeTek), Smart Senior, Ageing in Place Technology Watch and ElderGadget.com websites.

Do you or a loved one have a favourite gadget you would like to share as possible christmas gift ideas with our readers?

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