As the holiday season is approaching families are planning get togethers and the logistics of where to go, who's turn is it, how do we get there?

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One of the most difficult parts is how to include our older loved ones, or whether we can include them at all. They may be in a nursing home or assisted living facility. The Christmas Season is a prime time for families to come together, but engagements, weddings, birthdays and graduations are equally important times.

Right at Home have launched a new service to help families share important celebrations.Karen Sahli of Right at Home Australia says, "We can and should include our older loved ones in as many family celebrations as possible. It takes a bit of planning, but it can be done."

Here is a classic example of a family dilemma:

Question: My daughter wants her Grandpa (90) at her wedding. I'm concerned. He's frail, confused, unpredictable, and needs constant attention. I want to make my daughter happy, but not ruin the wedding for me. Do I have to invite my father?

Answer: Yes! It's your daughter's wedding and she wants Grandpa there. Here's the solution to managing your father's behaviour and enjoying your day during this wonderful event. Hire a qualified carer from a company like Right at Home to dress and groom Grandpa and care for him at the wedding. Have the carer visit Grandpa a few times before the wedding so that he knows her and feels comfortable in her company.

Choose the best size/type of clothing to make it easier for the carer to dress and toilet him. Arrange for someone to pick up Grandpa and the carer and take them back. The carer may be able to drive Grandpa to the wedding herself. Keep his wedding visit short (1-2 hours maximum) to keep him from tiring and becoming disruptive. Don't leave out the most important people in our lives, our parents and grandparents.

Take pictures and enjoy!

If you are planning a family celebration and need help with care and logistics call Right at Home on 1300 362 609.

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