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Home Care 101 - Article 1

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What is in-home care all about?

"In-home care" or "home care" is the provision of carers to provide in-home supportive care for older people and disabled adults to help them continue living independently. 'Home' in this case could be the family home, an independent living retirement community, an assisted living community or a nursing home.

Home care can also be provided to disabled adults and to people recovering from accidents, illness or major surgery such as knee and hip replacements. This care is to help them transition from a hospital setting back to their homes. It is proven that people recover far more quickly at home than they do in a hospital environment and in-home care facilitates this.

For the majority of older Australians, the preference is to live independently in their own home as long as possible. The use of in-home care services can extend the period a person can remain in their own home to the end of life.

Why now?

The use of in-home care is an increasingly popular choice for many couples right around Australia. There are a number of financial reasons why staying at home is preferable and in-home care is an affordable option.

The Australian Government have published a paper on Australia's Demographic Challenges which highlights the economic implications of an ageing population. "The number of Australians aged 65 and over is expected to increase rapidly, from around 2.5 million in 2002 to 6.2 million in 2042." What this means for retired or retiring couples is that retaining what assets they have is increasingly important. Selling up and moving to an aged care facility is no longer as affordable an option as it used to be. Aged care facilities are going to be stretched due to a high demand and a dwindling supply of resources. In-home care provides a safe and viable alternative for the future.

Who pays for these Services?

In home care can be funded by Government, by the person and their family, or a combination of both. Many families face the difficult decision between selling or downsizing the family home to move into a retirement or aged care community, or staying at home and using home care services. The financial consequences of this decision are significant and need careful thought and advice.

Is the service provided by all in-home providers the same?

Not all in-home care services are the same. The services that some of the providers deliver are limited to either specialised nursing care or simply companion care. Not all providers provide the continuum of care that Right at Home Australia provides which can be divided into 4 broad categories:

  • Companion Care
  • Personal Care
  • Skilled (Nursing Care)
  • In-home monitoring, communication and socialisation technology.

Right at Home Australia brings to the Australian public the extensive global experience of home care and home care technologies of Right at Home International to deliver superb service locally including:

  • Needs assessment
  • Carer matching
  • Care planning
  • Care technology

Our carers, including Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Personal Carers are employees of the company and they are trained, screened and insured professionals who are oriented and tested before they begin providing services ensuring a high standard of quality care.

How is Right at Home different to other providers?

Right at Home is unique in its client centred approach matching carers to clients and ensuring continuity of the matched carer for clients. Right At Home is also flexible in its delivery of care with carers delivering their service around times convenient for the client.

Right at Home is an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life for those they serve supported by an outcomes driven, measurable, care planning process which includes all aspects of a client's wellbeing, including the vital socialisation aspects that support good mental health. Right at Home focuses on the individual, to improve the quality of their recovery and or their life and provides support and peace of mind for their family.

To find out more give us a call on 1300 362 609 or visit our website http://www.rightathome.com.au

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