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Transition & Residential Care in the Gold Coast

After a stay in a healthcare facility, many patients need a little extra help when they return home. This may be because they live alone or their partner is elderly, or simply because others living within the same home do not have the capacity to be able to provide the necessary care.

Choose Transition Care in the Gold Coast

If you are looking for care within the home for either yourself or a loved one, you have come to the right place. Right at Home offer bespoke transition care in the Gold Coast that helps you or your loved one while you recover from surgery, an accident or an illness.

Transition Care from Right at Home

Transitional care is called such because it refers to the shifts in care providers. When a patient first has a medical issue, they will be seen by their GP, who may then refer them to a specialist, which could lead to care in a hospital. After receiving care in hospital, a patient will then be sent home to recover further when they are deemed ready. All these actions refer to transitional care.

When your elderly loved one has been discharged from a healthcare facility, there may still be care needs that they cannot cope with alone. However, choosing residential aged care in the Gold Coast is not your only option. Right at Home can offer care from the comfort of their own home.

Without the correct transition care in place at home, an elderly patient’s recovery can be compromised as they may forget or not understand when or how much medication to take, they may forget to go to follow-up appointments and they may struggle with the daily tasks of keeping a home.

At Right at Home, we can offer in-home support where we give reminders to take medication, help to keep their homes clean and tidy and provide transport and company to follow-up appointments, amongst many other services.

Many elderly people have spent a time making sacrifices and paying off their mortgage for their own home. To uproot them may cause more harm than good, which is why finding a company who can care for them within their own surroundings is often the best solution.

It can keep them connected to the community they have been living with and supported by. When patients are comfortable and in familiar surroundings, they are likely to recover a lot more quickly, as well as it being better for their mental health.

The best care in the Gold Coast        

Right at Home’s transitional care can help your loved one to make a good recovery. It can reduce the risk of being readmitted to hospital as preventative steps are taken to ensure the right recovery procedures are followed when at home.

With our clear communication, it can give you peace of mind that your loved one is not alone, and they are being cared for properly.

At Right at Home, we help patients to return to health and happiness. Call us today for more information or to set up an initial meeting.

Right at Home provides home care packages and support services including disability & elderly care as well as transitional home care services. Our locations cover Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Wagga Wagga, Townsville, Toowoomba, Penrith, Cairns and many more!