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Home Aged Care Campbelltown, NSW

Finding great care for our elderly relatives when they are no longer able to look after themselves is hard. Whether after an injury or through declining mental and physical health, we all want to choose the best options for our loved ones.

What are the options for Aged Care in Campbelltown?

Right at Home are dedicated to ensuring that your relatives can get the care they need while staying in their home. This familiarity can bring peace of mind to you as the family, but also means that your loved one is more likely to have a better quality of life.

What if my elderly relative has complex needs? Won’t they be better in an Aged Residential Home?

Right at Home have carers to provide personal care, companionship and socialising. But we also have Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses available to provide nursing care if that is necessary.

Our visiting nurses can set up medication, provide insulin injections, and administer medication and IV therapies. They can provide wound care such as dressing changes, catheter care, and ostomy care. If it becomes necessary, they can also offer tube feeding assistance – and, perhaps most importantly, for your peace of mind, they can offer palliative support.

All these needs can be met in the comfort of our client’s home; which we know is very important to our aged relatives – staying at home can mean the world of difference. Moving somewhere new can be traumatic at the best of times, and when your aged relative needs to feel safe and secure, leaving the family home is an added stressor that studies have shown can lead to undiagnosed and untreated depression.

As part of your Custom Care Plan, Right at Home care managers will discuss your relative’s needs to ensure that no matter how complex their needs, we can support you to keep them at home.

Is the care available on a live-in basis?

As part of your Custom Care Plan, based on your need’s assessment from the Government, we can offer live-in care.

This means that a small team of live-in carers will stay with your loved one, available from waking until bedtime – but they are also present during the night. This means that they can provide care and companionship throughout the day and are available if needed during the night.

We also offer 24-hour care, where our clients get full care and attention throughout the day and the night; a consistent team usually taking 3 x 8 hour shifts to provide discreet, around the clock support.

What about Hospital to Home care?

The team at Right at Home are highly skilled in coordinating communication between care providers, to ensure that if your loved one has had a stay in hospital, they can return home to a safe environment with sufficient care.

This non-medical care model is aimed at supporting our clients to attend appointments, remind them to take medications, preparing meals and running errands, and light cleaning to make sure the home is clean and safe. Our carers also liaise regularly with the families and discharge planners to ensure that the client can remain at home in a safe and comfortable environment, as they recover.

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