Our Team Right at Home Townsville

Kelly Wing - Managing Director

Kelly Wing has been working in Community Services for 15 years, covering all areas including Youth, Mental Health, Disability and Aged Care.  With a Dual Diploma in Case Management and Coordination and extensive additional training certificates, her passion is Dementia Care.  

Kelly's career change from hospitality Business Owner/Operator to working in Community Services, particularly aged care was due to her passion for social justice. Kelly's desire has always been to provide quality support and services to our most vulnerable community members. 

Linda Lorraway - Managing Director

For the past ten years, Linda has been an owner/operator of a successful auto paint repair and manufacturing business. Prior to this, Linda worked in the meat processing industry for 20 years, gaining extensive experience in quality control and administration.

Linda's desire to work in the aged care sector was fuelled by her role as a carer for a family member.