In Home Care Services and Assistance Townsville

Why Choose In-Home Care Services?

At Right at Home, we provide professional, caring and reliable in home nursing care in Townsville. Our services cover senior home care, post-operative care and care for adults with disabilities. If you need a senior caregiver in Townsville or adult home care in Townsville then Right at Home can help you today. Our comprehensive portfolio of services can address a variety of individual and personal needs and has many benefits for the aging senior.

Continued Access to Companionship and Socialisation

One of the risks that many seniors face is increased isolation. However, with our in home nursing care in Townsville we provide our clients with access to companionship and socialization. Our staff may play games, converse or work on puzzles with their clients. Additionally, they can help their clients get out of the house to see friends, visit the museum, get coffee or go to church.

Assistance With Domestic Tasks

Domestic tasks that were once easy can become increasingly difficult for an aging senior. We can help with several domestic chores such as light housekeeping, shopping, cooking or laundry. Sometimes our clients simply need someone to help organize their household schedule and make sure they get to their appointments on time. The comprehensive in home nursing care in Townsville can help make the day to day aspects of life easier to manage. 

Personal Care

Having a strong, deft set of hands to assist with grooming, mobility and hygiene can make a world of difference. Here are some of the ways we can assist in personal care:

  • Getting dressed
  • Ambulatory help
  • Positioning in bed or chair
  • Transfer between chair and bed
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Bed baths
  • Bathing and showering
  • Shaving with an electric razor
  • Grooming
  • Oral hygiene
  • Toilet and incontinent assistance

Nursing Care

Providing nursing care is not something many home care companies are able to provide, but Right at Home’s registered nurses and enrolled nurses consult with our client’s doctors to provide an excellent level of home care. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Wound care
  • Dressing changes
  • Catheter care
  • Ostomy/colostomy care
  • Tube feeding assistance
  • Insulin injections
  • Palliative support
  • Medication set-up and administration
  • IV related therapies and administration

Choosing the right in home nursing care in Townsville is an important decision to make. Thankfully, Right at Home can provide you and your loved ones with a comprehensive package of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need post-operative care, senior care or care for an adult with disabilities, we are here to assist you in making your life and the life of your loved ones more comfortable.