Transportation - the Key for Seniors to Stay Connected

You will be forgiven for thinking that in America, assistance with housing, food programs and health services would be the most pressing needs for the elderly but Eldercare Locator, the government helpline report that they receive more inquiries about transportation than any other topic. Seniors need help getting to routine medical appointments, su...
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Hospital and Health Funds must find ways to reduce unplanned hospital readmissions

In the US hospitals face significant financial penalties for excessive unplanned hospital readmissions. In Australia there are no financial penalties on hospitals with high readmission rates. The result is higher unplanned hospital readmission rates in Australia as compared with the USA and the OECD.Factors contributing to readmission include prema...
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A new focus is needed on preventing unplanned hospital readmissions

​After a successful hospital stay, the most important task for patients, families and hospital staff is preparing for a successful discharge to their home. It is disappointing for everyone, and hugely expensive, if a patient requires an unexpected readmission into hospital. Factors contributing to readmission include premature discharge home, inade...
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