If you decide on in-home care, there are several questions you should ask to ensure that your loved one will stay safe, healthy and happy:

  1. Government funded programs may not provide a complete solution.  These services may be difficult to access and in 2015 will be means tested.  How is the service you choose to be paid for?
  2. What happens if you or your allocated caregiver becomes ill or are otherwise unavailble? What are the alternate arrangements?
  3. Are the caregivers allocated to you adequately trained to cope with the changing needs of your loved one?
  4. Is your care provider adequately insured? They should carry at least $10m in professional indemnity insurance and $20m in public liability insurance.  The caregiver's car should be roadworthy and comprehensively insured.
  5. Can you verify that your caregivers are legally able to work in Australia?
  6. Can your caregiver adequately speak and write English as well as your chosen home language?
  7. If you or your caregiver are injured at a client's residence, who is responsible? (Many homeowner's insurance policies exclude injuries to "domestic employees".)
  8. Does your care provider perform ID checks, driving records, background checks, Federal Police Clearances and state abuse registry checks?  Do they check caregivers' references from prior work history?
  9. Does your care provider have adequate workman's compensation insurance?
  10. How does your care provider document that their services were indeed completed?
  11. Are the caregivers allocated to you adequately supervised by a Registered Nurse?
Do you have a government funded care package?

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Did you know that from 27 February you can choose which company provides your government funded services?

27 February 2017 ?

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