You or your loved one may have, or be seeking, support from the government to help you stay independently at home.

Right at Home is an Approved Provider under the Aged Care Act which means that we can help you access, manage, or extend your existing funding. It may be that you are unhappy with the services you are getting at present and you may wish to change your provider. We can be one of the companies that you choose from.

One of our services is to help families assess their needs and apply for the services they are entitled to.

Recent changes to the funding philosophy for home care, called Consumer Directed Care (CDC) gives consumers greater say in the care they are given and greater choice in who delivers that care. From 27 February 2017 control of government CDC funding will flow directly to consumers and they will have absolute choice as to who delivers their care.

The government funded home care packages may fund all or part of the services you need. In many cases families on government packages choose to top-up services from Right at Home in order to meet their needs. There are also some services, such as socialisation and companionship that are not funded by the government.

While Right at Home is an Approved Provider of Home Care packages, we work a little differently, we don’t charge subscriptions, administration, case management or exit fees. The only fees we charge are directly for your care, that means you get more care from your package.

The message under the new legislation is very positive – if you are unhappy with the services you are getting – you can make a change, it is your choice! Call us for a free assessment.