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Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for those we serve.

Our mission clearly identifies our focus points.

Improve: Our services are goal-oriented and objectives focused on the overall improvement of our client’s lives.

Quality of Life: Quality of life differs from person to person – circumstances change, needs change. We individually assess our clients to ascertain their quality of life, how it may have been compromised, and how it can be improved.

Serve: We provide a service that achieves a stated purpose, that is useful, and assists our clients in a meaningful way.

About Us

Right at Home is an international leader in the home care industry. We provide aged care and disability support to those who need assistance maintaining their independence and quality of life. We have a comprehensive portfolio of care services including hospital-to-home, postoperative and transitional care, as well as socialisation, companion and personal care and disability support. We are a home care company that operates through franchisees, not a franchise company trying to do business in the home care industry. Because of this, the safety and well-being of our clients come first for everyone.

Who we are

Right at Home was founded in the USA by Allen Hager. For many years, Allen worked in healthcare as a hospital administrator. While in the hospital environment, he watched many of his patients – especially seniors – return home but not necessarily to health. Once home, many of his former patients were unable to care for themselves.

In 1995, Allen started Right at Home in Omaha, Nebraska. Right at Home was one of the first companies to enter senior care and is now a leader in the home care industry. We help care for people who need assistance to maintain their independence, no matter where they call home. Our company provides trained and insured caregivers to families with seniors or adults living with a disability. We offer a variety of services that are customised to each family's needs.

Today, Right at Home is an international business with over 600 offices servicing tens of thousands of clients, across the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan and the Netherlands.

Karen and Daryl Sahli were granted the Master Franchise rights to Right at Home Australia in 2014. They opened their first office in Brisbane during that year and started franchising in 2016. Right at Home Australia now has more than 48 offices Australia-wide and counting.

Daryl has managed both large and small businesses during his career with extensive experience in franchising. Daryl has worked in professional practice with both Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers as a management and corporate finance consultant. Karen has experience in business and office management, she has worked in the travel and real estate industries and is a book editor and publisher. Daryl and Karen hope to make a difference in aged care and disability support in Australia.

Continued government budget pressure means that funding for aged care is not keeping pace with growing demand. Daryl and Karen are determined to provide high-quality support services so that clients may remain in their homes, with no compromise to their lifestyle and daily routines. They understand from their own experience the pressure many families are under to provide care for their ageing or disabled loved ones. 

“We see the key component of providing home care as the quality and training of our care staff. This, together with matching the skillset and personality of the caregiver with the needs of the client, is the essential ingredient for an excellent service.” — CEO Right at Home Australia Daryl Sahli

Daryl and Karen are dedicated to going the extra mile for clients and their families.

Our Promise to You

Ageing isn’t easy for the person getting older or for their family. New challenges arise almost daily, easily overwhelming everyone involved. Right at Home can help. We simplify daily living for families in need. From head office to our franchisees and caregivers, we do everything we can to live our mission for our clients and to fulfil our promises to them.

We promise:

  • To treat you like our neighbours, because you are.
  • To listen, because your experience and input help us make it simpler for thousands of families like yours.
  • To strive to provide the best experience possible, because you expect nothing less.
  • To make doing business with us easy, because you have more important things to worry about.

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Right at Home offers a range of services to suit everyone, and no matter what your requirements are, we always do our best to see that they are fulfilled. We have plenty of information right here on our website but please, don’t hesitate to give us a call. If you would like more information about the aged care home support services we provide, get in touch with us today. Neither you nor your family is alone. Right at Home provides home care packages and support services including disability and elderly care. Contact us today to find out more about our home care services.

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