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Approved Home Care Packages Provider

Right at Home is an Approved My Aged Care Home Care Package Provider under the Aged Care Act, which means we can provide quality care under a government-funded home care package for levels 1 to 4. This is our care difference, because, unlike other providers, we can scale up our services as your needs change from providing companion care and domestic assistance to the delivery of personal care, wound care, skilled nursing, complex nursing, hospital-in-the-home and post-operative and palliative care.

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Under Consumer Directed Care, you should be allowed to decide on the care you need, when you need it. If you are unhappy with your care provider, you can change to better quality, more flexible care. Contact us today to discuss how the Right at Home Approach will deliver personalised, high-quality care, by a carer that we match to suit you and your interests.

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What are Home Care Packages?

The Home Care Packages scheme is an Australian Government-funded program that supports older Australians who prefer to continue living independently in the safety and comfort of their own homes instead of a nursing home or assisted living facility. Unlike the Commonwealth Home Support Package, which assists with entry-level, ongoing or short-term in-home support services, the Home Care Package program provides for more complex home care needs including personal care, support services and nursing care, and allied health and clinical services.

The four levels of Home Care Packages

There are four Home Care Package levels, to help meet the varying levels of individual care needs. The types of care services are unchanged between each level, with the allocated hours increasing or decreasing as required. It is expected that a greater number of people will require a lower-level package, with a smaller number of individuals requiring higher-level packages.

Home Care Packages costs

The amount of government assistance you or your loved one receives, is determined by needs and personal circumstances as assessed by the Department of Human Services. The subsidy amount increases with each level according to a person’s situation.

It is expected that some people will need to contribute more toward their home care fees. If you are asked to pay an income-tested care fee, the government subsidy will be reduced by the amount of income-tested care fee that you are eligible to pay. For example, if your Home Care Package is assessed at $20,000 (the amount the government will pay) and your income-tested care fee is assessed at $5,000 (the amount you pay) then your Home Care Package subsidy will be $15,000 ($20,000 – $5,000 = $15,000).

The subsidy will be paid directly to your chosen approved provider such as Right at Home Australia.

ACT NOW: Due to the high level of demand, the funding assignment of Home Care Packages levels 2-4 have a wait time upward of 12 months. However, your funding allocation will take into account the assignment wait time. You do not need to wait for your Home Care Package to be assigned before accessing home care services through Right at Homes Australia. You can commence home care services at any time through private pay arrangements.

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Who qualifies for Home Care Packages?

Home Care Packages are intended for older people (+65 or +50 Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander) as well as those living with a disability, who need assistance to remain living in their own home. Home Care Packages are not intended for people requiring entry-level, ongoing temporary or short-term care.

Look for Right at Home RightCare, our provider name listed on the government My Aged Care website. To find out your Home Care Package eligibility, contact My Aged Care. They will refer you to the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) or ACAS (VIC only) to arrange an in-home assessment of your needs and determine the Home Care Packages level.

IMPORTANT: If you’re in the process of ACAT/ACAS assessment (or you’re about to be) let an experienced Right at Home Care Manager guide you and your loved one through the application process. We help to ensure that your application is correct at the time of submission, expediting your claim while helping you to receive assistance sooner. If you or your loved one is not eligible for a subsidy from the Australian Government, you can still access Right at Home’s home care services privately with associated costs.

What is a Home Care Packages Approved Provider?

Home Care Packages Approved Providers are private or public businesses that have satisfied the Department of Health’s requirements in providing high-quality home care services to eligible recipients. As a recipient of a Home Care Package, you can choose which provider you would like to deliver services, as well as the types of services.

Approved Providers are obliged to provide home care services as stated in the care agreement. Your approved provider may also charge administration, case management, subscription or exit fees. So, be sure that they disclose all costs, not only their daily fees.

Right at Home Australia DO NOT charge hidden fees.

IMPORTANT: If your loved one is unhappy with the quality of their home care or approved provider, you can register a request to change providers through the My Aged Care government website at any time and choose a new provider.

A Right at Home Care Manager can also help with a custom care plan that will identify the unique services your loved one will need, as well as potential costs so you can see how their Home Care Package will be budgeted ensuring value for money before their services commence.

Call your local Right at Home Australia office for an estimate of your likely fees. Right at Home provides this service to you at no cost and it is obligation-free.

Applying for Home Care Packages

1. Arrange an Assessment

Visit the My Aged Care website to request an assessment. Or, let a professional Right at Home Care Manager help you navigate the assessment process with you from beginning to end – cost and obligation-free.

2. Home Care Needs Assessed

A member of the ACAT/ACAS will visit your home to assess your care needs and determine what level of services are required (Government subsidy level).

3. Find an Approved Provider

Right at Home would be honoured to care for you or your loved one. We can provide you with a detailed custom care plan to meet you or your loved one's home care needs with costs estimates so you can see how your funding will be budgeted ensuring value for money. Cost and obligation-free and before your services commence.

4. Eligibility Confirmation

Once the assessment is complete, the government will tell you what level of care you have been approved for. There are 4 levels of funding depending on need. This ranges from $9,179 per annum to $53,268 per annum (as of Jul 2022).

5. Income Assessment

Once an ACAT assessment has been completed, you may need to undergo an income assessment to further assess your eligibility and entitlements via Centrelink. Only persons on the aged pension or with annual income levels below a fixed amount are eligible for government-funded home care packages. Nobody will be denied services because they can’t afford it. If a person has independent means, then the government will ask the person to contribute toward their care. Once again, Right at Home can help you navigate this process.

6. Home Care Package Assigned

Home Care Package confirmation and unique Home Care Package referral code sent.

7. Enter into a Home Care Agreement

If you haven’t done so already (see step 3) start negotiations with your preferred provider to develop a custom care plan and sign a Home Care Agreement. The agreement outlines your rights and explains how the services will be delivered. Then visit the myagedcare.gov.au government website and notify them which provider you have chosen. They will direct your Home Care Package to your chosen approved provider such as Right at Home.

8. Services commence

Start receiving home care services and manage your services if your needs change. The provider you choose must keep an account of your money and show you exactly how it is being spent.

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