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Our Mission

Our Mission is To Improve the Quality of Life for those we serve.

Our mission clearly identifies our key focus points:


  • Improve -  Our service focuses on goals and objects that will lead to an improvement in your or your loved one's circumstances.  This requires an assessment and care planning process that defines how the improvement will be achieved.  An improvement is subjective to your individual circumstances and requirements.
  • Quality of Life - quality of life differs from person to person.  Circumstances are different and needs are different.  The requirement is a subjective assessment of what is your or your loved one's quality of life, how it has been compromised and how it can be improved.
  • Serve - in this context means; to provide a service that is useful, achieves a stated purpose, helps or assists you in some meaningful way, to do a job, that is being paid for, in the manner in which you want it.


Right at Home is all about the individual, about providing care that makes a meaningful difference in your life or that of your loved one.