Aged Careat Home

Aged Care
at Home

Right at Home provides in-home care for older Australians.
Alzheimer's, Dementia & Cognitive Care

Alzheimer's, Dementia & Cognitive Care

Patients with cognitive decline – particularly in the early to mid-onset stages – can be cared for at home.


Right at Home provides in-home nursing care to all Australians.
Post Operative & Transitional Care

Post Operative & Transitional Care

Right at Home provides post-operative in-home care and transitional care.
Disability Care& NDIS

Disability Care

Right at Home provides in-home disability care for all Australians.

Who Provides In-home Care Services?

In-home care can be provided by two categories of providers:


  • Government funded Providers: These are providers registered by the government to receive government funding for providing services. There are literally thousands of organisations around Australia who receive government funding, and rely almost 100% on this funding. They range from large charities and Church groups to a myriad of not-for-profit organisations and community groups. The funding provided by the government covers the provider’s overheads, care management and care provision. Therefore, for every dollar provided in Government funding, probably only 50 cents is providing actual ‘care’.
  • Private Pay Providers: These are private businesses, like Right at Home, that provide care directly to clients who fund these services out of their own pocket. The care is funded by the person or their family as the case may be. Under the new Consumer Directed Care (CDC) model people allocated government care packages can ‘direct’ that the care be provided by a private pay provider. Right at Home is an example of a private pay care provider.

Background to CDC Program