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Consumer Directed Care

What is in-home care and Consumer Directed Care (CDC) all about?

This note is designed to introduce you to in-home care, and the new Government Consumer Directed Care (CDC) program. What this means is the provision of carers to provide in-home supportive care for older people and disabled adults to help them continue living independently. ‘Home’ in this case could be the family home, an independent living retirement community, an assisted living community or a nursing home. 

In-home care can be provided to older or disabled adults but also to people recovering from major surgery such as knee and hip replacements. This care is to help them transition from a hospital setting back to their homes. It is proven that people recover far more quickly at home than they do in a medical facility.

For the vast majority of older Australians, the preference is to stay in their own home as long as possible. The use of in-home care services can extend the period a person can remain in their own home to the end of life.  

About Right at Home

Right at Home provides private pay, in-home supportive care for older people, disabled adults, and people recovering from surgery, to help them continue living independently.  Right at Home is an international business with over 350 offices, servicing tens of thousands of clients, across the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Brazil.  Our first office in Australia was opened in January 2014 in Brisbane. Our carers, including Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Personal Carers are employees of the company and they are trained, screened and insured professionals who are oriented and tested before they begin providing services. 

Right at Home is an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life for those we serve. We take a holistic approach to care, supported by an outcomes driven, measurable, care planning process. Care planning includes all aspects of a client’s wellbeing, including the vital socialisation aspects that support good mental health. In a nutshell, Right at Home focuses on the individual, on their specific needs, to improve the quality of their life.