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Disability Support & NDIS

The Best Disability Support Service in Australia

When it comes to finding a support worker to help a person living with a disability, you just cannot be too careful. Many people living with a disability are unable to communicate effectively and cannot warn you that something might be wrong with the way they are treated. You need someone truly exceptional to care for these loved ones because disability support and care is tiring work and requires compassion, understanding and patience.

Right at Home is the best disability support service to choose for disability care in Australia. This is because we offer in-home support for family members living with a disability and we serve various regions. Our support workers will come to your home to provide loved ones with the support, care and assistance that they need. We offer a variety of support services and can provide them to plan-managed, self-managed and private-pay NDIS participants from all our offices, and some of our offices can also provide agency-managed services.

Disability Support to Suit Individual Needs

Every person is unique, some require only a little bit of support with tasks such as outings, shopping, and domestic assistance, while others require much more attention and devotion. 

At Right at Home, we understand this support difference, and that is why we create services to suit every need.

We offer a variety of in-home support that extends from basic domestic assistance to full-time care services. You also have the option to choose support workers according to their skill level. General support assistance is often perfect for domestic tasks such as meal preparation, whereas a registered and experienced nurse will be more suitable for extensive care such as medication administration and monitoring. 

To create the best individualised support, we work within the participant’s plan to deliver services to enable them to achieve their goals. Right at Home disability support services can include support and assistance for tasks such as home cleaning all the way up to full-time live-in care delivered by the appropriately trained support worker or registered nurse as required.

Benefits of Getting Disability Support and Care

Disability support and care is a must for anyone living with a family member with a disability. The support and care helps to restore independence and freedom to those living with a disability while easing the load for immediate family.

Here are the top benefits of getting disability support and care:

Reduce emotional stress within families – Families that take care of their own are often overworked and emotionally stressed out. It is a lot of hard work to support and care for people living with disability, especially if you are also financially responsible for that person. 

Reduce family conflict – When family members, parents or grandparents have a disability it can cause a lot of arguments amongst family on how to provide care for that family member and the financial and physical strain of caring for them can often be overbearing.

Reinstate individuality – Many people with disabilities enjoy our support and care because they feel more independent. They don’t have to rely on family members for assistance and many can continue to live on their own despite their disability.  Our support workers and caregivers can assist in numerous ways to help participants feel and become more independent.

Peace of mind – A professional and skilful support worker or caregiver in your home brings peace of mind to all family members. Everyone can rest at ease knowing that their loved ones are taken care of and our clients can rest at ease knowing that their support and care is not a burden on the shoulders of their family and friends. 

For peace of mind and the best possible disability support and care in Australia, you can rely on Right at Home. Contact us today  to find out more about our home care and disability support services.

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