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The Initial Call and Meeting

From the moment your client calls our local Right at Home office, we begin analysing the specific needs of their loved one. The initial call is structured so as to cover the range of needs that the client may have. During the call we will be able to provide an indication of the cost of our services. The final quote for the cost of our services will be provided at the end of the assessment process. 

At the end of the initial call we will schedule an in-home visit by a Care Manager or Care Coordinator in order to make a detailed assessment. The in-home visit would include the client and their family members so that everyone can gain a full understanding of the process. The in-home visit also allows the client and the family to ask questions and gather more information so that they can make an informed decision. At the conclusion of the assessment process, the Care Manager or Care Coordinator will also be able to confirm the cost of the services that are needed.  

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